Runtz OG THCA Flower – Hybrid



Runtz OG THCa, a unique hybrid strain bred by Cookies Fam in California, is known for its intense euphoria and high THC content. With a candy-like flavor, lasting body buzz, and bright-colored buds, it’s a popular choice for seasoned users seeking a potent experience.

  • Strain Hybrid
  • Flavor & Aroma Sweet fruit candy with earthy, piney undertones
  • Appearance Bright-colored buds
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Runtz OG stands out as a distinctive hybrid strain delivering a potent, candy-like euphoria.

Developed by Cookies Fam in California, Runtz OG is an uncommon hybrid strain born from the crossbreeding of Zkittlez and Gelato. This perfectly balanced genetic composition grants it a unique standing among cannabis connoisseurs.

Renowned for its elevated THC content, averaging around 24% and peaking at 29%, Runtz OG is a favored choice for experienced users seeking an intense experience. Users commonly describe a profound euphoria accompanied by a sustained body buzz lasting 2-3 hours.

True to its name, Runtz OG offers a flavor profile reminiscent of sweet fruit candy. Its candy-like aroma, coupled with earthy and piney undertones, creates a sensory delight. In terms of appearance, Runtz OG showcases brightly colored buds that add to its overall allure.

For those in search of a potent and distinctive strain with a delightful flavor and remarkable effects, Runtz OG from Northwoods Molecular is poised to become your next preferred strain.

  • Type: Hybrid
  • Flavor & Aroma: Sweet fruit candy with earthy, piney undertones
  • High THC Content: Averages around 24%, reaching up to 29%
  • Appearance: Brightly colored buds

10GR, 1lb, 4GR

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