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Buy Delta 8 Gummies Online

Experience a new level of focus and relaxation with our best-tasting delta 8 gummies. Try Vegan Delta 8 Gummies infused with Delta-8 THC. Our Delta 8 gummies can be purchased in either a 10mg Delta 8 THC dose or 25mg D8 dose. More experienced users may prefer the 25mg edibles for stronger psychotropic potency, whereas if this is your first time, you may prefer the more modest 10mg edibles.

These gummies are sure to please anyone who likes a little kick and enjoys the effects of D8!

What are Delta 8 Gummies?

Unlike CBD gummies, these are slightly psychoactive, and you may feel a mild and relaxing high without the anxiousness sometimes experienced with Delta-9 THC. In fact, many users prefer the D8 high over the D9 high.

Based on user reviews, suggested uses for delta 8 gummies include aiding in falling asleep, increasing focus during work, or helping with destressing and relaxing.

Flavors: Our 20ct delta 8 gummies come in the following assorted flavors: Natural Watermelon, Raspberry, Tangerine, and Lemon.

What Flavors Can You Find in Our Delta 8 Gummies? 

Each pack of Northwoods Molecular’s Delta 8 Gummies boasts an assortment of gummy flavors. These enticing flavors incorporate watermelon, raspberry, tangerine, and lemon. We only use natural flavors in our D-8 Gummies.

What Cannabis Strains Are Employed in the Creation of Delta 8 Gummies?

Northwoods Molecular exclusively uses hemp in the production of all our delta-8-thc gummies. While different cannabis strains can offer unique cannabinoid profiles that may affect the high sensation when smoked, this doesn’t hold true for THC products derived from distillates.

Do the Delta Gummies Have Different Side Effect Profiles Depending on the Cannabis Strains Used?

Every distillate batch comes with a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) outlining the various cannabinoids included. These profiles can be adjusted or kept consistent. In essence, the distillate can be customized to always possess the precise cannabinoid profile we desire.

Our Delta 8 Gummy Experience 

What are the Effects of Our Delta 8 Gummies?

Northwoods Molecular offers 2 levels of psychotropic potency with our Delta 8 gummies. For beginners, we have a 20 count package of Delta 8 Gummies at 10mg of Delta 8 THC per gummy, and for more experienced users, we have a 20 count package of Delta 8 Gummies at 25mg of Delta 8 THC per gummy.

What is the Delta 8 THC Experience Like?

Delta 8 THC is a cannabinoid made from hemp plants that was made available thanks to new technologies and the 2018 Farm Bill. According to the bill, any hemp product with less than 0.3% THC is considered legal, and thus you can legally purchase Delta 8 THC product choices such as gummies, vapes, and tinctures as a legal way of getting high. The newest addition to our Delta 8 line is THC-O, which is the acetalated and far more potent version of delta 8.

The selling point for the Delta-8 products is that it gives you a different kind of high than traditional THC. Users report that the Delta 8 THC experience comes with less anxiety, doesn’t impair their cognitive function or motor skills. Thus, Delta-8 THC offers a much milder high than regular THC.

Difference Between Delta 8 and Delta 9 

What’s The Difference Between Delta 8 THC and Delta 9?

There are 3 differences between Delta 8 THC and Delta 9 THC (whereas Delta 9 THC is the traditional form): There are differences on a molecular level, differences in availability, and there are differences when it comes to experiencing the highs.

Molecular: On a molecular level Delta 9 THC has a double bond on the 9th carbon chain, whereas Delta 8 THC has a double bond on the 8th carbon chain. Despite this being a seemingly small difference, it yields big results. 

Availability: The Delta 8 THC cannabinoid is less abundant than Delta 9 THC in the marijuana plant / cannabis plant – only with recent technological advances have we been able to isolate Delta 8 THC for it to be publicly available. 

Experience: Delta 8 THC has been shown to give a similar “high” to Delta 9 THC but with fewer severe side-effects. The high produced by Delta 8 THC is described as “less intense, gentle, enjoyable, and manageable.

Delta 8 THC Gummy Ingredients

What are the Ingredients?

Our delta 8 gummies originate from hemp plants and contain the following ingredients: Sugar, Tapioca Syrup, Water, Pectin, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Natural Colors and Flavors and Delta-8 Hemp Extract (delta 8 distillate).

3rd Party Lab Tested COA

All of our hemp derived gummies are third party lab tested to guarantee quality and consistency.


How to Buy Delta 8 Gummies in Bulk Online

Where Do I Get D8 THC Gummies in Bulk?

Our Delta 8 THC Gummies are also available in Bulk. If you want to purchase Delta 8 gummies in bulk, contact us at today. Northwoods Molecular offers other products in bulk that you can get access to via a sales representative.

What Are the Wholesale Prices on Delta 8 THC Gummies?

Wholesale/bulk prices may vary, for up to date prices please contact us at

10 mg per gummy, 20ct unit. Pricing is per unit

  • 5 units of delta 8 gummies – $26.99 each
  • 10 units of delta 8 gummies – $25.49 each
  • 15 units of delta 8 gummies – $23.99 each
  • 20 units of delta 8 gummies – $22.49 each
  • 25 units of delta 8 gummies – $20.99 each
  • 30 units of delta 8 gummies – $19.49 each
  • 35 units of delta 8 gummies – $17.99 each
  • 40 units of delta 8 gummies – $16.49 each
  • 50 units of delta 8 gummies – $14.99 each
  • 100 units of delta 8 gummies – $13.99 each
  • 200 units of delta 8 gummies – $13.49 each
  • 300 units of delta 8 gummies – $12.99 each
  • 400 units of delta 8 gummies – $11.99 each
  • 500 units of delta 8 gummies – $11.49 eac
  • 1000 units of delta 8 gummies – $10.99 each
  • 2500 units of delta 8 gummies – $10.49 each
  • 2500+ units of delta 8 gummies – $10.00 each

25 mg per gummy, 20ct unit. Pricing is per unit:

  • 5 units of delta 8 gummies – $35.99
  • 10 units of delta 8 gummies – $33.99
  • 15 units of delta 8 gummies – $31.99
  • 20 units of delta 8 gummies – $29.99
  • 25 units of delta 8 gummies – $27.99
  • 30 units of delta 8 gummies – $25.99
  • 35 units of delta 8 gummies – $23.99
  • 40 units of delta 8 gummies – $21.99
  • 50 units of delta 8 gummies – $19.99
  • 100 units of delta 8 gummies – $17.74
  • 250 units of delta 8 gummies – $16.99
  • 500 units of delta 8 gummies – $13.99
  • 1000 units of delta 8 gummies – $13.24

Are D8 THC Gummies Heat Resistant?

In the event that your delta 8 gummies unite to form a single liquid mega delta 8 gummy due to melting, you can place them in a freezer for a maximum of one hour.

20ct delta 8 gummies assorted flavors, 25mg D-8 Infused.

Northwoods Molecular will now be offering our delta 8 gummies in various assorted flavors, with new natural flavors of our delta-8-thc gummies being released every quarter. Share your preferred flavor of delta 8 gummies by emailing

How do You Split Delta 8 Gummies?

Once the liquid blob has solidified, cut the delta 8 gummies into equal pieces to be enjoyed at room temperature. For precise dosing and consistent potency of each delta 8 gummy, use a gram scale.

All Delta 8 Products are derived from hemp and are delta-9 compliant.

Thanks to the farm bill, as it stands, all delta 8 products derived from hemp are delta 9 compliant. This means that Delta-8 THC offers a great alternative in states where delta-9 THC is not legal.

Frequently Asked Questions About Delta 8 Gummies

In this section, we will address the frequently asked questions about delta 8 gummies and delta-8-thc.

What Are the Shipping Terms?

Although Northwoods Molecular does not offer 24-Hour Shipping, we typically dispatch products on the same day, with exceptions on weekends. Most orders are shipped out with a 2-day shipping timeframe. We are exploring the possibility of introducing 24-hour shipping in the future. For additional shipping inquiries, please contact us directly.

Are delta 8 gummies safe?

The psychoactive effects of delta 8 gummies or carts are akin to delta-9 effects. User reviews suggest that users of full-spectrum hemp delta 8 may experience positive sleep effects along with the typical psychotropic effects of delta 8. Some users also report euphoric effects, while in rare cases, delta 8 hemp users may experience undesirable or intense effects. It’s important to note that artificial flavors or delicious flavors do not impact the psychoactive effects. The crucial factor is the quality of the active ingredient, which is the finest Delta 8, the active cannabinoid in our delta 8 cannabinoid products.

Delta 8 Gummies – Do They Treat Depression, Anxiety, or Sleep Problems?

Please note that Northwoods Molecular does not provide medical advice. Consult your doctor before taking delta 8 gummies. Anecdotally, customers often report relief from symptoms of anxiety and depression, as well as an easier time falling asleep. While we do not claim that delta 8 treats depression, anxiety, or sleep problems, customer reviews and published research suggest that it may help alleviate symptoms. Additionally, some users report that delta 8 gummies have helped with chronic pain relief. Again, we do not endorse delta 8 gummies as a treatment for chronic pain. Lastly, delta 8 can act as an appetite stimulant, supported by substantial literature on its antiemetic properties.

How Are Delta 8 Gummies Made?

There are numerous questions about Delta 8 THC, including how quality delta 8 gummies are made, their potential benefits, the active ingredient, and whether there are synthetic ingredients. One common question is about the process of making delta 8 THC gummies.

The Delta 8 Gummy Creation Process After Distillation

The process is relatively straightforward. It begins with taking high-quality delta 8 distillate and infusing it into a gummy solution. This solution is stirred for consistency, poured into molds, and then cooled to create quality delta 8 gummies. While we cannot confirm if other brands follow the same process, we can assure you that this is how Northwoods Molecular produces our own high-quality delta 8 gummies. Taste, color, and flavors can all be adjusted to suit user preferences.

Northwoods Molecular does not claim that our products have any health benefits.

What Flavors Are Available in Our Delta 8 Gummies?

Each packet of Northwoods Molecular’s Delta 8 Gummies is filled with a variety of gummy flavors. These mouthwatering flavors include watermelon, raspberry, tangerine, and lemon. All the flavors used in our D-8 Gummies are natural.

What Cannabis Varieties Are Utilized to Produce Delta 8 Gummies?

Northwoods Molecular manufactures all our delta-8-thc gummies using hemp. Despite different cannabis strains having distinct cannabinoid profiles that can influence the high experienced when smoked, the situation is different when it comes to THC products made from distillates.

Do the Delta Gummies Vary in Side Effect Profiles Based on the Cannabis Strains Used?

Each batch of distillate is accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) that details the different cannabinoids present. The profiles can be modified or maintained at the same consistency. In other words, we can tailor the distillate to consistently have the exact cannabinoid profile we want.

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